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Preparing the soil for planting strawberries

The size of the suburban area is limited. During the summer I want to grow all the vegetables needed for the family. To pamper yourself with strawberries all summer, you don't need a lot of space. To get a good harvest of berries you need to understand what kind of soil loves strawberries.. In the autumn, make a few beds, in the spring to plant them with different varieties of berries.

What soil is suitable for planting berry bushes?

At one place strawberries grow more than one year, the period depends on the variety. One 2 years, other varieties of fruit in one place up to 10 years. The composition of the earth is important for planting berry bushes.

The soil under the strawberry area should be light in texture and well moistened.

You can definitely say what kind of soil strawberries do not like. The first criterion to be evaluated is mechanical composition. Soil types for this feature are shown in the table.

Type ofCharacteristic featuresFeatures
clayeywet soil easily acquires and holds a shape, it smears handspoorly conducting air and water that retains moisture, quickly freezes, long thaws
loamyWet soil slightly smears hands, cracks when molding, sand is palpable in the compositionfertile, breathable, loose, easily heated, permeable and moisture retaining
sandy loamlow plasticity is characteristic of the soil, the flagellum will not workit contains a lot of sand, so it easily passes water and air, dries quickly, does not form a crust on the surface
sandycrumbly, non-plastic with a lot of sandQuickly cools, warms, dries, loses nutrients
peatwet, with compression like a spongeIt contains few useful substances, loose, well conducting moisture, air

Strawberries do not like sandy and clay soils. Dry roots, overheat on sandy soils. In clayey - growth slows down due to lack of oxygen and moisture. Mechanical composition for growth and root development are suitable soils: loamy, sandy.

The soil characteristic of plants is acidity. Soils are not suitable for plants: acidic, alkaline. Ideal neutral, in which the acidity is normal or slightly acidic - PH is not lower than 5.5.

How to prepare the ground for planting strawberries?

First of all, we examine our site, determine which land is on it. We take a small lump of earth and check it for plasticity, correlating the result with the table above.

Properly selected area will not only get a high yield, but also will allow the prevention of many diseases

We begin to prepare the soil for garden strawberries in the fall. Considered as good forerunners of strawberries:

  1. Beetroot.
  2. Bow.
  3. Garlic.
  4. Parsley
  5. Salad.
  6. Carrot.
  7. Cereals.

After autumn harvesting of vegetables it is necessary to prepare the ridge for spring planting strawberries.. First we remove the weeds. If the soil is acidic - we will lime. We apply about 20 kg of sand, lime and organic fertilizers to the peat area per square meter.

In the sand and sandy sand it is necessary to add organic fertilizers (humus, manure, compost) and peat. The difference in volume - in the sandy soil need to make a larger amount of nutritional supplements.

In the autumn they make mineral fertilizers in the soil of any composition. Well restore the nutritional value of the earth:

  1. Ammophos (nitrogen 11%, phosphorus 50%).
  2. Diammophos (nitrogen 20%, phosphorus 50%).
  3. Nitrophos (nitrogen 23%, phosphorus 17%).
  4. Nitroammofosk (nitrogen 17%, phosphorus and potassium).

Organic matter and mineral fertilizers are scattered over the entire area of ​​the ridge. Dig up the soil on the bayonet shovels.

Ways to increase soil fertility

To increase soil fertility, organics is regularly needed. During the summer you can make the necessary amount of compost. The advice of an experienced gardener is useful.

Quick composting in bags

Begin compost harvest with the arrival of spring. Purchase black trash bags of 120 liters. Weeds, nettle, chamomile, clover are suitable for quick compost. Exception - wheat grass.

Compost can be applied for digging to improve the composition of the soil or mulch them the ground around the bushes.

The grass must be shallow, covered with layers in the package. Layers pour wood ash. Bags put in the sun. By August, all the grass will sopret and in the package will be ready to use compost. It can be used under the autumn digging of land for strawberries.

Flower beds and beds for strawberries with their own hands

When planting strawberries in the garden apply a single-line or multi-line planting scheme. Power-growing bushes are planted from each other at a distance of 35-40 cm, low-growing varieties - 20 cm. Inter-row space left wide - 70 cm.

Strawberry planting scheme

You can plant strawberries on beautifully decorated ridges. Because of the economy of space, longline beds are practiced. Consider the device of some of them.

Stone Tiers

Tier beds of stone can be made of any shape.:

  • round;
  • square;
  • triangular;
  • rectangular.
Strawberry Stone Bed

On longline beds it is good to grow ampelous varieties of strawberries. First of all, during the construction of the ridge level the site. Harvest natural stone:

  • limestone;
  • sandstone;
  • diabase.
In masonry, hewn stones look better, resembling bricks.

On the ground make the layout of the future ridge. On the perimeter of digging a trench depth of 30-40 cm. Fill it at 2/3 of the height with rubble, 1/3 - with sand, ram. Spread a wall of natural stone. Use cement mortar for bundles or apply the technology of dry masonry.

Mark out the contours of 2 and 3 tiers. Each subsequent should be already previous. Spread walls for 2 and 3 tiers. The height of each subsequent tier must be higher than the previous one.

Multi-level garden bed made of round stone

The ridge is filled with fertile soil after the cement has dried. You can plant strawberries. Advantage of this ridge:

  • decorative look ridge, can serve as a decoration of the garden;
  • good drainage;
  • the ridge is filled with clean, fertile soil that reduces the chance of disease;
  • for strawberries easy to care for.

For the construction of the ridge will take time. Its production is quite laborious.

Tiered beds from wooden boards

A simple solution is a square, stacked bed of wooden boards. For its manufacture need planed, edged boards with pine section of 30 × 140 mm. To connect the corners - bars 50 × 50 mm or 40 × 40 mm.

Tiered bed for strawberries from wood

Mark the size of the first tier. Collect the bottom box. Boards in the corners are fixed to the bars with self-tapping screws. The entire area of ​​the first tier is filled with fertile soil, rammed. The following boxes do the same, but smaller. The width under the landing must be at least 35 cm.

For the durability of the ridge and improvement of the decorative appearance of the board construction, soak it with a protective primer, paint it.

Pluses of flower beds design:

  • saving places;
  • getting per unit area greater harvest;
  • strawberry suffers less from infections and pests;
  • tiered ridge of boards - garden decoration.

The disadvantages of the multi-tiered landing method:

  • in cold climates requires shelter for the winter;
  • in the heat need frequent watering, the earth dries up quickly.

Tire beds

Is it possible to square 1.2 square meters. m of your garden plot to plant 120 strawberry bushes? It turns out you can. For the construction of such a vertical ridge you will need old tires 8 pieces and a plastic pipe with watering holes in it (diameter 5.5 mm).

Flowerbed pyramid for strawberries from tires

The diameter of the pipe must match the diameter of the irrigation hose or adapter. Harvest fertile land. Choose a sunny place.

In each tire circumferentially cut from 12 to 16 holes measuring 6 × 10 cm. The tires are stacked alternately on each other..

Strawberry bushes to plant in the holes of tires. Roots tightly sprinkle with earth. Pour through slots. In the center to install the pipe. Its height should be slightly greater than the height of the ridge. Put the irrigation hose on the pipe.

Pluses of such a ridge:

  • saving places;
  • the absence of weed;
  • convenient to water and care;
  • berries are cleando not get sick.

Cons, too. So that the strawberry does not freeze in winter, it is necessary to pack it in several layers (with straw, reed, insulation).

Slate beds

Remaining after the construction of slate can be put on the construction of ridges for strawberries. If there is a polycarbonate greenhouse - to solve two problems at once:

  • to warm perimeter greenhouse;
  • to build comfortable ridge.
Slate strawberry bed

Dig a trench in the ground. Its depth is 25-35 cm. Cut slate height 70 cm. At the bottom of the trench to scribble cut branches, pour in plant residues. You can add wood ash there. Fill up the ridge with fertile soil consisting of garden soil, humus, peat, sand.

Pros such a ridge:

  • convenient to water and care for strawberries;
  • moisture is well preserved in the soil;
  • spring land warming up quickly.

Slate fencing attributed to low-ecological structures. Its appearance is not aesthetic.


Strawberry harvest is almost 50% dependent on the quality of the soil. Watering and fertilizing, carried out according to the scheme, serve as additional nutrition. Time and money spent on the preparation of the soil, will return in the form of useful berries.